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Most common problems found in marriages.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Solve problems in marriage

We all know that as time passes by, the spark in our relationship starts fading away and with that you start finding yourself in different situations that can ultimately cause the relationship to end.

Here we want to tell you some of the most common problems you can encounter that will affect your marriage negatively.

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Common problems in marriage.


Jealousy can be one of the main reasons for distrust and bad communication between a couple. Sometimes jealousy can even make you invade your partner's personal space and privacy.


Sexual difficulties are one of the most common problems found in marriages. They usually occur due to lack of communications, tastes/likes, and focusing only on self-pleasing.


Taking the time to talk and clarify misunderstandings is crucial, and don't be surprised if during this process you find new things about your new partner. We can't know our partners to perfection and even less if we don't sit and talk openly.

Different life goals.

Even though this one might seem harmless, it actually can take your relationship to a definitive end.

Lack of bonding time.

Lack of time can be caused by keeping a busy schedule and can elongate any type of family conciliation.


Relationship problems over money are common, and in general they happen because couples do not know how to manage it correctly, they do not want to share or they have uses and activities with money that cause discomfort in the relationship.

If you feel that these problems are knocking on your door of your relationship, schedule a consultation or give us a call we are here to help.

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