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Pre-Bariatric Surgery Mental Health Evaluations

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Mental health Evaluations - weight loss surgery
Pre-Bariatric Surgery Mental Health Evaluations

Dr. Roberto Jimenez helps patients understand that weight loss surgery is only the first step toward healthier lives.

We are licensed mental health professionals who regularly conduct pre-bariatric surgery mental health evaluations that meet surgeon requirements. Before deciding to have weight loss surgery, patients typically try many other ways to lose weight. After patients choose to undergo surgery, they are excited and ready to embark on a new journey to a healthier life. There are quite a few steps that patients have to take before they are prepared to have surgery. Addressing the psychological and behavioral contributors to obesity and ensuring that you are ready to undergo surgery is an essential step in treatment. It includes consultation with our doctor, records review and a report. A mental health evaluation is a prerequisite for the surgeries. This plan includes an initial session, medical records review, and a final report.

Mental health evaluation - pre-bariatric surgery
A mental health evaluation is a prerequisite for the surgeries.

Cost $190

Location: Telehealth

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