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Updated: Aug 31, 2023

CE courses -for professionals - mental health professionals
Continuing Education Courses at Rjimenez Learning

Mental health and well-being are fundamental aspects for us; we have various courses designed for you, where you can learn how to manage and regulate your emotions. You can learn new coping skills and essential tips to maintain a healthy mental state.

We provide numerous online courses with CEs (Continuing Education Hours) for Mental Health Professionals.

Here are some of our courses:

Florida Pre-Marital Online Course

Besides helping you improve your couple relationship, this course is online, available in English and Spanish

Parental Education and Family Stabilization

This course guide educates and assists families going through a divorce.

Nutrition and Mental Health

This course explores the relationship between nutrition and mental health.

Also available for CE’s and grants you two credits.

Emotional Support Animal 101

Learn about the benefits of having an emotional support animal; you can also schedule

Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs offer more than just emotional accompaniment, and they are a relief in high-tension moments.

Anger Management

Count to ten and learn to manage your anger.

Also available for CE’s and grants you four credits.

Parenting Skills

Improve your and your children’s communication

Stress Management

Learn how to manage stress in day-to-day situations.

Also available for CE’s and grants you two credits.

Mini PSD

Learn the particular protocols require for psychiatric service dogs

Self-Love meaning, importance, and how to achieve it

Go Back to Loving Yourself.

Get you Happiness Back

Being happy is possible.

How Plastic Impacts Our Mental Health

Have you ever thought about how plastic can impact your mental health?

Login to our course and know more.

Also available for CE’s and grants you 1 credit.

Tele-mental Health Care Online Self-Paced Course for all Mental Health Professionals

This course is directed to mental health professionals who want to improve their practice when giving online sessions.

This course grants 3 credits.

HIV/AIDS Training Online Course for Health Care Providers

This course is directed to health professionals only focused on learning how to treat people with HIV/AIDS

This course grants 4 credits.

All these courses are for people who choose to improve their mental health.

If you want to know more, click here.

continuing education hours - mental health professionals
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