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What is Stress?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

stress at work - stress at univerity
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Stress is a sensation of being under unusual pressure. The pressure may come from multiple areas in our day-to-day lives. It may include a transitional period in life, workplace issues, an argument or a fallout with family members or loved ones, and underlying financial concerns. When exposed to one or more stressors, they may cumulatively build upon each other and have severe emotional effects. You may feel upset or threatened when stressed, and the body may develop a stress response. The response can cause more intense emotions, change your behavior, and cause various symptoms because stress can manifest itself emotionally and physically (Seaward, 2021).

Managing stress
The Significance of Managing Stress

The Significance of Managing Stress If one lives with a higher stress level, they risk their whole well-being and health. Stress negatively affects your emotional balance and physical well-being. Stress can narrow the ability to function effectively, think clearly, and enjoy life (Foy et al., 2019). When stressed, you feel there is nothing you can do to manage stress. Sadly, your bills will not stop piling up, your family and work roles will continue to be demanding, and you will waste most times of the day filled with negative thoughts instead of being productive. However, you have the control you need to manage stress more than you perceive.

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