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MY LIFE IN COLORS: Embracing the Rainbow

The most important thing you can do is get to know yourself. Listen to yourself and follow your heart. Learn to trust yourself and how to become your own biggest advocate. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to overcome any situation.

My Life in Colors
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Me Amo: Love Yourself Immensely

By:  Dr. Roberto Jimenez  This book introduces readers to self-love and its relation to physical and psychosocial well-being. The book's primary aim is to impart knowledge on self-love to promote positive behavioral and cognitive patterns, ensuring mental well-being and a positive perception of self. 

Me amo - Love Yourself Immensely



Un gran libro para ayudar a los niños con ansiedad. Especialmente encontré útiles las secciones para colorear, ya que ayuda a mantener a los niños interesados. El Dr. Jiménez hace un gran trabajo al explicar por qué es importante identificar la ansiedad en los niños y las diferentes técnicas que podríamos usar para ayudar a los niños a controlar la ansiedad. ¡Lo recomiendo!

- Let's do it together Reader

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